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Higher Self Expert Susan Orosco has inspired and motivated audiences throughout California for over 25 years. She is described as “a dream gardener” by many because she specializes in ‘pulling the weeds from your psyche that choke your dreams.’ Audiences love her techniques to self motivate, break through limitations and courageously follow their dreams.

She has co-authored a book titled “8 Ways To Say I Love My Life” with a foreword written by legendary Vikki Carr. Susan’s book “”Latino Power: 7 Powers all Latinos Have Upon Which to Build an Empire” was nominated as best self-help book at the International Latino Book Awards.


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With “Latino Power: 7 Powers all Latinos Have Upon Which to Build an Empire” you will;

…recognize your infallible power and put it to work immediately.

…learn the secrets of our mystical Indian spirituality.

…discover the power of family, ancestry, & our Spanish blood.

…see, how power and abundance wait to be claimed by you.

…and much more…

Join the Latino movement to stand up and be counted among the winners of the world. Be part of the higher money consciousness the smart Latinos are reaching for.

Be a Latino success story waiting to be told.

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8 Ways Book Cover

Do you think your life has to be perfect before you can love it?

Is facing your family the same as facing your past?

Do you think you are alone in your challenges and struggles?

8 Ways To Say I Love My Life is a ‘must read’ if you feel any of the above.

This book is the inspiration that can change your life.

The book begins with a Foreword written by The Legendary Vikki Carr.

Susan Orosco: Public Speaker, Author and Spiritual Activist Book Susan Today!

I have known Susan for more than seven years. Susan is an amazing individual, a powerful professional speaker with a positive, enthusiastic message. Susan has an absolutely incredible story and I highly recommend you read her book and hear her speak. Her presence is most inspiring and her message about success is one everyone needs to hear. I appreciate Susan for being a woman of power and an inspiration for all women.

Thank you for sharing your courage and determination. I admire your strong spirit and wish you much continued success.

Don Martinez MCC, NLP/P
Chief Search Officer
Domar Companies/DeBoss Global Marketingless

Don Martinez MCC, NLP/P Don Martinez MCC, NLP/P