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What is Mind Mechanics™?

Mind Mechanics is a rapid and high-impact program designed to get you on the fast track to achieving your goals.

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Private Coaching using Mind Mechanics is available with Susan at one hour sessions.

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Mind Mechanics: How to Gain Control of the Power of Your Mind Home Study Course.

“Susan’s Mind Mechanics has taught me that my goals take priority. What I want matters. Before Susan I was a punching bag. Life had me at a grip. I could hardly move. I wanted so much out of life but I thought I couldn’t have it because I had so many limitations. I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I make more money, I am in control of my emotions and my life is fuller. My life has meaning and I have purpose. I can’t thank Susan enough.”
Eric Benetiz – Fierro Realty, Fresno Ca.
I hired Susan as an Emotional Freedom Tech more than once to help me release the fears that were holding me back form financial and professional success. I had great results. She is an expert. With her Mind Mechanics Method, I discovered why I had these fears and I was able to finally let them go; forever. I am grateful for her work with me.
Verenisa Alfaro, licensed clinical social worker, Los Angeles.
Susan and her Mind Mechanics program have cleared my extreme obsessions. I am amazingly free of obsessive feelings. I feel so light and free. This is absolutely wonderful. Life is good. I have a dream job and a dream guy in my life. What I learned from this course the most is that to be happy is my job, not my dream guys job. I learned to aim for what I want and not let anything stop me. Last week I was thinking about how I am “living a life beyond my wildest dreams.” I am taking ownership and responsibility for my feelings and my actions. It gets easier and easier.
Pat Asebez – MV Transportation, Los Angeles
“Susan, is an angel from God. I write this with tears in my eyes. I am SO much better than where I was before I worked with her. She is an emotional healer. I have been telling my friends and family about the amazing, transformation I experienced with her Mind Mechanics.

I went through a shift. I went from having a dark opinion of myself… to seeing a bright future and to having a more loving self-image. I am truly awed by her gift. I will always wish her oceans of love for what she did for me.!”

Martha Lawrence, executive editor, Los Angeles
Susan, I’m typing this with a big smile on my face. The sciatic nerve pain that I’ve endured off and on for the past nine years is gone because of your Mind Mechanics.
When we first met, you had some interesting things to say about the nature of emotional blocks. And I was intrigued by the varied results that my fellow classmates achieved during the class exercises. But what really got my attention was your statement that pain on the right side of the body was money related and pain on the left side of the body was related to emotions. When the class ended, there was no way I was going to leave without asking you about the link between money and body pain. I certainly wasn’t expecting an impromptu healing session when you asked me if I wanted to get rid of the pain right then and there in front of the entire class. Heck yeah, I jumped at your offer. So there you were in the front of the room and me in the back row, I followed along repeating the words you were saying, and the strangest thing happened. The areas of intense pain (a good 7+ level) started tingling in a pleasant way, and then ultimately went away. In less than five minutes the pain that I felt at the start of the class had pretty much disappeared. Fast results, minimum effort. To say I’m impressed with your abilities would be an understatement. With gratitude.
Sherman Lee, Librarian, Hanford, California
Susan and her Mind Mechanics has changed my life. I used to feel overwhelmed about my future. I had so many goals I wanted to accomplish in my career, but I was full of fear and doubts. I took her class and now I have far stronger confidence and I believe in my future and myself. Thank you Susan, for strengthening my mind and calming my heart. Nothing is stopping me now!
Brenda Espinoza, Real Estate, Los Ángeles